3 secrets to increase traffic on Instagram account

Did you know that Instagram is visited 500 million active users per month? But to attract the attention of the target audience of many millions of the crowd is not easy. Although the algorithm of promotion is very clear, but many did not succeed. Why? Because people do not want every day to make efforts in the right direction. Perhaps their base of followers is growing, but the engagement falls. Although it depends on the followers of the effectiveness of sales.
How to increase traffic to your account on Instagram? Let us open 3 obvious tricks that do not meet all users.

1 - Use a ranking algorithm to Instagram in its favor

This summer was the ranking algorithm introduced the latest news. Now the posts in it do not appear in chronological order, as a matter of priority. That is the most interesting for a particular user (for robot opinion) publications appear first.

Most likely, you will first see fresh content from your closest friends, and the last - on the commercial accounts, which interact infrequently, although a follower. The same principle is ranked newsfeed for every follower of your page

Therefore, to achieve coverage of the former, which was in the chronological order of appearance of posts, it becomes much more difficult, but it's not so bad. Followers may still remain in the trend of events of your brand.

So the posts of your best friends are shown above in the news because you often interact with them: put the likes, write comments. If you like a certain brand on Instagram, and you come in contact with its content very often, it positions as shown in the news of the first.

It follows that the key to success - a high-quality and recognizable content, with which the audience will want to interact with.

Here are a few ideas that you can post:

  • - Photos of events in the business;
  • - Repost content that is created by other users, with reference to them;
  • - Video;
  • - Post-riddles, questions, games, contests;
  • - News posts;
  • - Funny, inspiring stories of clients, employees.

2 - Think of the titles of the photo - and video content

Headlines - something that can be raised or completely kill the engagement. Witty or thought-provoking headline with great probability brings likes and heated discussions. This is because it provides a strong emotional reaction. Good work provocative questions or statements, such as the ban on abortion and other controversial topics related to ethics. But do not overdo, as you may fall down a barrage of negativity. Such positions should publish only occasionally, leaving the usual place to communicate with followers.

3 - Do not forget to add new followers

For you, probably not a big secret that today anyone can without any problems buy Instagram followers. Of course, social networks including Instagram, do not welcome such decisions, but, despite this, many people are actively using such services. The reasons and motives of the owners of accounts, to buy Instagram likes and followers, can be very different. Some want to attract more customers, while others simply want to be recognized on Instagram, such as newcomers bought the service to start. Try typing in a search engine query buy Instagram followers. Same Google will give you hundreds of thousands of resources. But do not rush out and order the service on the first available online, as is known, the amount does not always mean quality.

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