Coverage, audience involvement and black magic with the purchase of Instagram followers

On average, the accounts of our customers grow through the purchase of Instagram followers for 1000-2000 target people per month. How do we determine that followers are targeted? Messages in the direct, comments, transitions to the site, the growth of the account. If in addition to this apply targeted advertising, guest posts and a bit of our magic, you can qualitatively increase the result.
The theme of the last months is people, why has the coverage of the audience decreased? Instagram decided that he is Facebook, so he behaves in a completely ugly way. All the blog chats are on fire, the SMM specialists are shocked, the customers do not understand the problem.
Guys, the bad news is that you will not be able to please you with a magic pill. We watched personal and client accounts and came to the conclusion that where there are quality and diverse content, the sinking is no more than 10-20% and is often associated with an unsuccessful publication time or boring text.

What can be done to interest your followers?

-If you are already a year leading standard columns in a certain text or graphic format, do a rebranding. From this every time the activity increases, when I upload photos from a new hairdo, and from commercial accounts, people react well to video and galleries.
-post stories from life and questions. Start a dialogue with the user at last, or else everyone complains that the involvement is low, but what do you provide it with? The first answers can be given by your friends or colleagues from blog chats, so your sleeping audience will receive a green light.
- Use mass-felling, but watch out for traffic sources. They can be chosen very simply: by country or you can collect the audience of Facebook groups of a similar theme and upload them to the mass-loading program. Also, compare your brand with competitors and look for similar ones in the recommended one.
And now go ahead, start buy Instagram followers and do something, and not just read the theory!