Instagram advertising trends

How have the advertising trends in social networks for the second quarter of 2016, says a report The Sensor Tower. «This data helps them better understand the mobile ad ecosystem and make informed business decisions. We're excited to share some of the high level industry trends from the previous quarter in this report », -. The authors of the report say.

The importance of video on Instagram

The average duration of promotional videos on Instagram increased by 67% since January 2016 and is 25 seconds. When Instagram first offered himself as an advertising platform for video advertisers were limited to a limit of 15 seconds. In September 2015 Instagram team has increased the length of commercials to 30 seconds, and in February 2016 resolved to publish the 1-minute video, that is full of commercials. Part of this was done in order to attract big brands. The more brands came into Instagram as advertisers, the more increased the average length of a promotional video. Since January 2016 the average duration of promotional videos has grown by 67% - and by June 2016 amounted to 25 seconds.

More and more advertisers prefer video ads: in the second quarter of every four ads - video

Video content, according to advertisers, involves more conversions than the pictures, but until recently, the preference still photographs. In particular, because the cost of creating a video is much higher than the cost of a photo shoot. Today we are witnessing a turning point: the number of titles is growing rapidly, the proportion of advertising videos on Instagram has grown by 23% since January 2016. advertisers types on Instagram As expected, the summer season, advertisers, representing the sector of entertainment and shopping, intensified. This is especially true of online stores applications aimed at mobile phones.

Recommendations for Instagram-blogger and their advertisers

Any progressive advertisers today understand that the traditional forms of advertising are becoming obsolete: annoying banners rather annoying than attract, so more and more companies are choosing native advertising or product placement. However, in native advertising and product placement work the same trends as in other species, and it is necessary to listen to. So, if you order Instagram-blogger advertising publication, think about the video. Perhaps a talented and popular blogger will tell about your product with the help of video much more effectively, rather than using a photo. Perhaps it makes sense to order a professional video and post it to the account of the popular Instagram-blogger.

Great advice for modern blogger

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