Tips before you buy 50 Instagram followers

SMM on Instagram is not a simple task as it may seem to the newcomer. Promote your account with words and text is not easy when all attention is drawn to photos and videos. For this, several valuable recommendations for promotion, we managed to write for you.

Creative username

The account name participates in the organic search Instagram. It is necessary to include keywords that may be of interest to potential customers.

For example PR, SMM, USA, UK, hand-made and others. In this case, there is no need to duplicate your nickname and surname or name, if you do not promote a personal brand. With This everything is clear but there are no followers yet, but how to get them? That's right - buy 50 Instagram followers will quietly increase your account.

Enter a location

And so you already bought 50 Instagram followers what to do next? For a local offline business, we recommend that you specify the city and its location in the account name. This will increase the chance that buyers will find this organization, even if they did not plan it. The description should indicate the type of activity, and a list of contacts for feedback. Many have already switched to business accounts, but they are not yet free to use it, so they might not notice the "contact" button. Also, an active link to the site will be appropriate, especially a call to action!

Designing a Post

It is a mistake to think that users do not like long posts on Instagram. To read and discuss the text, it is enough to follow simple recommendations: 1 post = 1 thought. It sounds simple, but many people neglect this rule and lose followers. For example, when they write about a new collection, but they remember the fast arrival of the star for the New Year, and casually mention the shares, discounts, etc. We affirm that the reader will leave on the second "and" more.

It is necessary to break the text into paragraphs, use smilies, headers, blank spaces, hyphens, etc. If only the user did not see a single canvas, which will not exactly read.

The use for readers should be in the first place with the author. Do not write about what a wonderful beauty salon you promote. The content about the masters of this salon, which help clients to become beautiful, will look more successful. After all, people want to know what benefit they can get.

The presence of a question or call to action at the end of the post is mandatory. And do not forget to buy 50 Instagram followers and 50 likes for each photo. People should always be encouraged and encouraged to take action.