How to use Instagram?

Novice users of social networks can ask such a question. The interface is clear and built "step by step", so it is easy to understand, and miss out on something - hard enough. Nevertheless, we decided to help newcomers and create instructions for beginners. All the necessary steps on Instagram can be divided into 11 points. You will be well versed in the issue after reading this guide!

1. Installation and Registration

Use Instagram you can from your mobile device or computer. In the case of a mobile device, you just need to find the application in the AppStore or GooglePlay. To register a need to provide some of the data, and e-mail address - but they can be any. You do not need to use any forwarded by e-mail activation code. You can immediately start using the Instagram app.

2. Notifications

After installation, you should set up notifications from the system. Instagram can send you a push-notification of various events related to your account. They are configured via the «push-notification settings" menu item in the general 'Settings'. To get there you have to click the icon in the profile (in the form of gears). Push-notifications that appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, may report the following events: someone commented on your photo or putting "Like"; you are marked on some photos; You mention in the comments referring to the account; photo falls on your page "Popular." you have a new follower Even if you choose to disable the push-notification Instagram still will tell you this information - in the block "News" on the main page of the application.

3. Integration with social networks

Since the Instagram - a private social network, while existing almost exclusively on mobile devices, for many users it is important to set up communications applications with "traditional" social networks - such as Facebook. Make it very easy. To do this, go to the profile, and select the menu item "Publish Settings." Instagram will ask you to choose the services that you want to link to your account. After the "binding" of accounts that you added on Instagram photos will automatically appear on the selected social networks.

4. Adding photos

Take photos directly from the application is a good idea. Firstly, it is faster and more convenient - you can immediately apply to a photo filter and put it on the net. Second, it's more convenient crop - because Instagram specific format 1: 1. To take a photo, click on the blue camera icon in the middle of the panel. Open the camera app - now you can shoot! Please note, in the lower left corner - the link to the gallery of photos stored on your device. You can use it to process and put in any Instagram photo made by you earlier. So you can add your favorite Instagram old photos or photos taken on a professional camera.

5. Filters

Filters - this is the main "trick» Instagram, they make ordinary photos on a mobile phone colorful and expressive. Filters seriously differ from each other - so, regardless of the scene photography, lighting and white balance, you will pick up what you need. Each filter has also disables frame. Using filters is very easy - as soon as you have made the photo through the app will open the filter selection screen. Choose filters by simply clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

6. The effect of tilt-shift

Instagram application can simulate the effect of tilt-shift lens - photo blur within certain limits, which allows you to highlight an object on a picture or seriously modify its visual perception. For this purpose, the icon is in the form of water droplet. Blurring may have both straight boundary variable slope (similarly present tilt-shift), and a circular shape. Excessive use of this effect should not be. But sometimes it can be very useful. Creates a "toy" effect.

7. Additional features

In processing the photo there are a few additional features. Icon in the form of the sun changes the contrast of pictures - as well as tilt-shift, this effect is not always appropriate, but sometimes very out of place. The curved arrow allows you to change the horizon in the photo - to align it if you make a mistake when shooting, or want to give an interesting dynamic effects.

8. Video

Instagram also allows you to shoot short video clips - up to 60 seconds. This option is becoming more popular and more and more people begin to use it. To start the shooting you need to press the input button in shooting mode, and select the video camera icon on the right. As is the case with photos, you can use any video, shot earlier or by another camera. After shooting, you can also use filters, but others.

9. Publication

So, everything is ready - just have to click on the "Submit" button. Before that, you can also check on the photos people specify the location, and choose which of the "related" social networks and send the result. Do not forget about the description of the photo, which you can use hashtags.

10. Find friends and get likes

If you are trying to post to Instagram photo - you need someone to see them, right? In general, search for friends and promote your photoblog - a topic for another conversation. But let's say a few words. All the efforts of our team are focused on helping users to Instagram network. Through our work, our customers start get real Instagram likes the best price, and not least, with instant delivery. Visit the other pages of our site and see it! You can also search for friends by yourself with the help of the appropriate button in your profile. Search Instagram is available according to various sources, including hashtags and Instagram can be found in the system of your friends on other social networks, and are in contact list phone. You can also use the photocard, which marked photos taken near you. On the "popular" you will always find interesting users, which can also be added as a friend. To view the list, click on the magnifying glass icon in the main menu.

11. Web-based interface

Now Instagram have the possibility to make all the major account activity - viewing photos, edit profile, and so on. You can not upload photos and videos - Instagram still focused on mobile devices. We hope that this little guide has been helpful to you!