IMPORTANT NEWS - December, 16. 2019

Instagram has changed their conditions about old and inactive entries and this is the reason why many owners of accounts with a hundreds of thousands and millions of followers are losing their fans. In case you experience a similar issue of losing fans daily, this update on our obligations and conditions of service is for you.

In case your account has a big daily drop on the number of fans you previously got by organic or paid promotion, starting adding you followers will reuquire more time if compared to what's been before.

In case you are sufferring from a sufficient daily drop, our operation on adding you followers may only cover the number you lose daily and not add anything. At this poing, if buying from us you agree, that we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your drop AND WILL NOT cover it, but only add the number you ordered.

The same for refilling your account. In case the number we delivered has dropped, we shall refill only the number we are responsible for AND WILL NOT COVER the drop of your previous audience.

In case the number of fans you got after the delivery droped below the initial number of fans you got at the moment of when our delivery started WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFILL your order. So please monitor your statistics.

In case your account has a sufficient daily drop, the initial number of followers you got at the moment of ordering may not match your actual initial number of followers at the moment of when our delivery starts. So please contact the Website's adminitstration for the update on your ACTUAL number of Initial followers.

The free refill period for our service of Instagram followers now is 7 days

For the actual refill period for our services of Instagram likes and views. please contact one of our support officers using the Contact Form.

You do not have to disclose your card while shopping. All transaction is protected by advanced encryption methods.
Since our performance depends on stable activity of third-party like payment systems and Instagram, orders that does not exceed 500 IG Likes / Followers may take up to 24h to get completerly delivered. Orders of 500-2500 Likes Followers may take up to 36 hours to complete. The biggest orders may take up to 48h to deliver.
Go to instagram.com > login to your page > select your photo and copy the link from browser tab. Then, paste the link to the order's form. Click and complete your order on PayPal site. Profit!
To take advantage of our services is the best way to attract attention to your business or to gain more and more followers , our service will help you to do anything you like without having to expend any effort at all.
Whatever you want, it all depends on your needs. All that we can do to help you in your endeavors. Have fun shopping with us!
We don't need your password or other personal info.
If you make it right- relax and drink a cup of tea, in the meantime, we get to the processing of your order for you to be satisfied as soon as possible.
There are two possible causes. First of all, check the privacy settings in your account. If it is set to private and still you do not receive the followers, edit your account, and then contact us by e-mail.Secondly, you should not change the name of the user account after placing your order!
Sure, you can. Just complete your order, as usual, entering your friend's URL/Username.
For special question or custom orders contact us on our contact page. You should receive a respond within 24 hours.