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Rapid life on Instagram built of such metrics as the rate of engagement and number of followers has born into a compulsive desire to boost these specs. Every Instagrammer is looking for a way to cast some growth on his account. The reason is simple - the chance of turning your Instablog into a cashflow now is higher than ever. The neverending need to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views is a sustained trend that has persisted for over 10 recent years. If you are looking for a good, reliable source of engagement signals for promotion on Instagram, you are in the right place. FriendlyLikes helps people improve their online image using expertly-driven short cuts to success!

Why you need FriendlyLikes

We know many reasons to grow your presence on Instagram but the majority of them may be summarized as follows:
    • Widen your reach

      It is very important to receive likes, views, and comments on your post right after publishing it. Instagram's algorithm loves a better engagement: the more is interaction on your content, the better is your visibility to other users.
    • Leap up your social proof

      Pumping up the rate of social proof is a must for every brand's online presence. Having dozens of followers on your account puts you in a tangibly better light. At the same time thousands of likes, comments, and views tells about your popularity better than words.
    • Discover new advantages

      Some features of Instagram, totally useful for marketing needs, are hidden by default. You need to score your first ten thousands of followers before such advantage as adding external links to your stories goes available.

How we work

Let us guide you through the steps of our process.
    • select a service
    • Select a service and a package

      Choose one of the services for followers, likes, views, or comments from our list and follow to the related page of our website. Find the required package and prepare to fill in the order form.
    • enter the details
    • Enter the details of your order

      Fill in a short ordering form. We only need you to provide your username and then to pick a post to improve. We never ask for passwords or any other private information so it will not take you long.
    • receive likes
    • Wait for your new followers and likes to appear

      As soon as you received a receipt for your payment, your order is processed! Give your new followers, likes, and views a little time to reach your Instagram. We provide our services fast and easy!

Our advantages

Why we are the best in the social media marketing business? Here are the answers to it!
    • Reputed Provider for Years

      For almost 6 years we've been providing outstanding services and boosts for Instagram. Our team delivered millions of orders and won thousands of regular clients.
    • We supply resellers, agencies, and bloggers.

      Many agencies and providers from Google's top list are reselling or using our services. We help bloggers, dancers, artists, rappers, and politicians to skyrocket their careers.
    • Fast and easy deals

      We offer probably the fastest services for IG followers and likes available on the market. Usually, it takes only minutes to complete most types of orders.
    • Expert 24/7 Support

      Our team is passionate about the job. We love to make people happy about their presence on social media. And sure we are always here to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Our skills and the way we feel about the job is what stands us out from hundreds of other providers!
    • James
    • Very satisfied with the services and the work of support at I appreciate your assistance.
    • Walter
    • I recommend using this website because they add rapidly likes and followers most of the time.
    • Joseph
    • Their staff also helped me manage my feed right so now there's a noticable change on engagement. The quality is fine through the time.
    • Jessica
    • One of the best sites for likes. I buy and they roll, same as always....
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