Terms Of Service

Revision: October 01, 2020
  • General
    • The name of "FriendlyLikes" further equals "Seller", "Website" and "friendlylikes.com".
    • By entering this site you agree that you are 16 years old and more.
    • By using the services of this site you agree that you have read and understood this agreement and all the paragraphs are clear to you. By using services of this website you agree to follow all the terms and conditions of this Website, to follow all the local and federal laws and regulations. If you are compliant to any of these terms or laws or you do not agree with any of it, the further use of services of this site is prohibited for you.
    • The Service is not part or affiliated to any social media platform in any way. By entering the Website and ordering from the Service you agree with all the terms and conditions described on the Terms And Conditions page of the relevan social media platform's official website.
    • This Terms And Services are the subject to change at any time. By using services of this website you agree that you have read and understood the current Terms And Conditions. The changes made to it take effect right after it is posted.
  • Services
    • FriendlyLikes offers the services of promotion for accounts and media content such as photos, pictures or videos hosted on social media platforms. By ordering any Service from this Website, you understand that you are paying to manage a social media ad on a 3rd party web site.
    • By ordering from FriendlyLikes you clearly understand and agree that the purchased likes, views, and any other engagement signals are specially created or generated for the service. The followers provided by FriendlyLikes are the accounts created specially for the use of service, they are not real people in any possible way and they will not interact with your account or any type of published content.
    • FriendlyLikes guarantees the delivery of purchased service.
    • Cusomizing the order's features such as the delivery speed, sex, targeting is available by contacting our manager using Contact Form on this Website only before the order is created. The customization is considered accepted by receiving an email with a positive answer from one the support officers of FriendlyLikes.
    • By ordering from this Website you agree that all the features, types, attributes and parameters of the purchased product are clear for you and you accept it.
    • FriendlyLikes will not be responsible for any harm or loss you or your business may suffer. FriendlyLikes will not be responsible for any restrictive or damaging policies, negative impact or prejudice done by Instagram's administration to your account or media. By ordering from this Website you agree that you do that at your own risk.
    • FriendlyLikes is an online service that depends on capabilities of Internet and third-party such as payment system. Because of the complexity of jobs the time of delivery may stretch. By ordering from this Website you agree that not receiving the service in the described time is not a matter to start disputing your transaction on the payment system. FriendlyLikes reserves the maximum of 36h to make orders start progressing.
    • FriendlyLikes offers virtual services and non-tangible goods. For the reason of its features a service can not be canceled after the payment is received and the order is processed with a number, a completed delivery can not be reversed.
    • FriendlyLikes will not be responsible for drops of audience and will not replenish the missing on the accounts which doesn't show itself stable. Social media accounts which hold great numbers of followers may start losing it drastically. In this case our Service will only be able to cover the drop but not provide an increase to the host account.
  • Refills
    • For all types of the provided Services Seller offers a free refill warranty period starting from the moment of purchase and not exceeding 30 days.
    • Seller's refill obligations cover the range from the initial number (the number before the job starts) to the finishing point (the initial number plus the ordered number). The order details can be found in the payment receipt. In case the Customer's account dropped below the starting point during the warranty period, it is the Customer's obligation to reach the starting point and contact the Support immediately after reaching it.
    • Seller is responsible and provides a free refill period until any purchase of the same type of service is made from other seller. FriendlyLikes is not responsible for improvements made by other vendors and how it affects your social media accounts. In order to get a refill in this case, please contact the most recent seller you made a purchase from.
  • Refunds
    • By using the Website and buying any product on this website you understand and agree that Seller offers virtual immaterial goods and the refund can not be issued since the moment of the order gets processed and the product is sent.
    • Seller offers refunds for issues of not getting a product within 3 days from the date of puchase. The order is considered completed if no request about non-delivery is received during the period of 3 days since the date of purchase. The non-delivery issues are very rare and appear for the reasons of capabilities of Internet or third-party - for such cases we recommend contacting one of our managers via the Contact Form on our site. Most of the problems can be solived in minutes.

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