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Why buy real followers on Instagram in 2024

During the first years of Instagram, followers played a crucial role in building up the platform's user base and establishing a sense of community among its early adopters. As the platform grew, having a significant number of followers became an important indicator of popularity and influence, and many users sought to increase their follower count through various methods.

Today, followers remain an essential aspect of Instagram and can play a significant role in building up an individual or business's online presence and reputation. That is why in 2023 many get to use website likes ours to buy followers for Instagram.

How can paid followers turn out badly?

It is usually for our sector that the cheaper the follower service is, the worse would be the result in all ways. The truth is, the mechanics behind buying followers and likes are more complicated and challenging than it may seem at first glance. A provider must take every step very precisely, not talking about the process having a maintenance cost. In these terms, it is highly likely for a typical Instagrammer looking for an ultimate combo of a good boost and a product's price touching the market's bottom, to get a result that has nothing in common with the seller's promises.

The worst you can get by buying the cheapest followers for your Instagram page is a swiftly added bulk of 0-day blank bots which usually bear no posts or even don't have a filled bio. A rapid flush of low-quality profiles on your profile, especially when it comes to receive the big numbers, may red flag your page for the Instagram algorithm and lead to a penalty or even banning it.

Certainly, buying Insta followers cheapest may look like a cost-effective scaling shortcut u can use to grow quickly, but in this case, what you get in the end is a squad bots with no real value to your account but rather even don't just look good. Such an outcome usually is nothing but a waste of money or even can harm your reputation.

Here, the conclusion may be called self-evident: if you have made up your mind about buying Instagram followers packages, you'd better not turn to no-name sellers but order from a reputed growth service known to provide a predictable result through conducting a risk-free process.ย 

Benefits of buying Instagram followers from us

Looking for a way to boost your social media presence without breaking the bank? Our team offers high-quality, authentic type real followers at cheap prices. With us and our products, you can increase fans quickly and easily. The positive effects can aid your Instagram with extra visibility and lead to higher organic engagement on the platform. Our satisfied customers report impressive results in only minutes after the order was paid and confirmed.

Looking to buy targeted Instagram followers?

Once we've set up the offer of premium targeted followers for Instagram it has turned out to be a game changer for our clients. This new option made us reinvent the whole ordering process. Today, you can choose the country of origin for your future followers directly from the order form on this page and it is as easy as breathing.

Many of our clients underscore the optimal combination of excellent quality, fast performance, and relatively cheap prices when they buy Instagram followers USA from us. Buy one of the small packs of our new Instagram service to discover its best sides for yourself!

Right now, you can target the country of origin and buy followers from the USA, Germany, France, and Italy.

Going to buy targeted followers for Instagram right now? Simply go with the regular ordering instructions, just the way you always did. You only need to click on the targeting selector to activate the country of origin dropdown menu and choose the required volume or use your Instagram name on one of the geo-related forms below.


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Advantages of buying Insta followers

Ordinary users of Instagram usually come to buy followers to cheer up, show their uniqueness to the society they live in, or better their image. As for the businesses, Instagram followers can play a significant role in growing sales and visibility.

Businesses opt to buy IG followers

With a larger number of followers, a business can reach a wider audience and build brand recognition, trust, and loyalty. More followers often translate to more engagement, and this can lead to increased traffic and sales for the business. Additionally, having a significant number of followers can attract potential customers and investors to a business, making it more appealing and reputable in the eyes of the public.

Therefore, businesses that focus on building a strong and engaged Instagram following are more likely to see an increase in their sales and overall success. That is why businesses are known to buy followers often but, of course, they would never tell about that.

Advantages for individuals

An ordinary man not aiming to turn his Instagram into a source of income can have several benefits from buying IG followers, let's touch some of them.

  • Firstly, having a larger following can provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, influencers, or even potential employers.
  • Secondly, Instagram can serve as a creative outlet for many to share their interests, hobbies, and passions with the largest audience possible.
  • Thirdly, building a strong following on IG can help turning a name into a personal brand and create a positive online reputation.
  • And finally, buying IG followers can help striving ones establish themselves as influencers or thought leaders in their respective fields.

Why we are the best place to buy Instagram followers

  • Choose fast or instant delivery

    Our managers process and initialize orders manually only minutes after we received the payment. If something appears to be unclear, we immediately contact customers on the platform or by email to maintain a great customer experience. Consider it done once you received the receipt.

  • It is safe to pay for followers

    Previously it was possible to buy from us using PayPal. Unfortunately, this option is no longer available. We welcome you to pay using credit cards or crypto payments. All the operations are safe and secure, there is nothing to worry about

  • Auto follower service

    Just like a few other custom options, auto followers are available by request. Fill in a short form before you make your order to get in touch with one of our managers. Supercharge your brand page on Instagram easily with this idle boost.

  • Expert support

    The team of FriendlyLikes is international, our marketing experts are settled worldwide. Our support officers speaks a dozen of languages - we're here to help and advise on most of the topics related to life and business on social media 24/7. We really love our job, just drop us a message to see for yourself.

  • High-quality followers

    Do you still believe dealers can add you real Instagram followers? Today no vendor can make real people follow you no matter what they promise. We bring user profiles of better quality than many other sellers in the market do, using the safest, tried and tested ways.

  • No registration or password required

    We do not require passwords and never ask for any private information to boost your rankings. We keep the secret of your growth safe like it was in a Swiss bank, guaranteed!


How to buy followers from us

  • Choose a package

    We offer a variety of offers related to growing Instagram followers. Pick a package which suits your requirements the best.

  • Transfer the sum

    Fill in the details for your order and your profile name, then proceed to the section of checkout. Choose a payment method and pay for the selected service

  • Get more followers

    It will not take long to see the first progress. Dedicate your time and attention to yourself and watch your followers grow while we do our part.

Order Instagram followers cheapest!

Many look for a chance to buy followers at the lowest rate. Choose from our small and medium quality followers packs rated cheapest compared to the prices of many other sellers.
  • 20

    20 followers is where everything starts at. We recommend buying this pack to all the freshmen out there in order to ease up efforts at growing their crowd.

  • 25

    Stepping up by only five, you get a boost of 25 followers which is almost the same penny-cheap. Still, it can make a difference to any beginner account and help to get a better look - people, as you know, meet on clothes.

  • 30

    Next goes our low-cost pump, ready to up you with 30 followers. Our clients prefer this pack if they need to grow only a little and get the process running smoothly and unnoticed by their organic, real and active subs.

  • 50

    Look what we got here, it's 50 followers. An undoubted sales leader in the sector of least-costly growth products for Instagram. Nothing more to say here, 50 fans have been a true customer's choice for years. Thousands of our clients just can't be wrong about it.

  • 100

    The medium-weighted packs start with 100 followers for Instagram. This pick is another great option for growing a medium account. Have you scored your first 1000? Yes or no, adding 100 followers right now would be a great idea in any case.

  • 200

    How does it feel to get 200 followers on Instagram every day of the week? With FriendlyLikes, anyone can afford an increase like this. The closing package in the list of cheap boosters brings the highest increase in visibility. May it be 200 Instagram followers or any other packages from above that you buy from us - you always get that quality growth juice you need.

Instagram Followers FAQ

Below are our answers to the questions people ask our support team most frequently.
  • How can I buy active Instagram followers?

    There are two worlds: the descriptions on the sellers' websites and the reality. In reality, it's highly likely to become a pointless chase because the chance to buy active genuine Instagram followers is close to nothing. Even if you happen to win the deal and the provider rewards your bet with many followers from real accounts of active users, the likelihood that your new subs will fall in love with your reels and dramatically improve your engagement is exceedingly small. What about your organic followers? What part of them regularly puts likes and comments on your posts? We believe the rate doesn't beat 20%. So, in sum, If one is fortunate, he should expect new subs to upload posts and stories and only a few to engage sometimes in the best scenario. In today's market average, we would call it luck if ordering from a previously unknown source grows the target Instagram profile with genuine followers. Thus, itโ€™s worth sticking with reliable and proven sellers such as

  • How long would it take you to complete an order for Instagram followers?

    Right after your order is paid our system process it in minutes. After that, we add it to the working queue. Usually, lesser numbers of followers takes only a little time to be added. The biggest ones may take even a day or two to complete. The delivery time also depends on the chosen method, from drip-feed to instant.

  • Can you deliver fans on private accounts?

    We require the target account's settings to be switched public. It is impossible to provide any Instagram-related improvement with privacy setting turned on.

  • Why order from you if I can purchase followers cheaper from elsewhere?

    The websites that lure customers with the lowest prices provide nothing but crap user bases with low costs for maintenance and processing. Adding LQ fake bots is not safe because Instagram may ban you for it. Also, cheap fake followers usually drop in a eyeblink, and providers of the least costly bot growths are highly likely to shy away from refilling your loss in case that happens.

  • Can they ban my Instagram account for buying followers?

    We don't know a single issue of getting flagged for using our website. Rest assured, if you buy Instagram likes and followers from here, your accounts are safe from penalties. Getting a lot of followers in a short time doesn't violate the platform's terms of service.

  • Can I buy real Instagram USA followers?

    In 2024, buying fans from real users from the exact country is easier than ever. Check the Targeted Followers section on this page and buy Instagram followers USA - we promise to impress you with the quality of our service!

  • Do you refill followers if they drop?

    Drops are part of the process - there is no provider with zero drop rate no matter what they promise. It is common even for bloggers and brands to lose following and gain it again because real users come and go. Visit our terms of service section to learn more about our drop protection program and refill policy.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 / 5
    Very satisfied with the services and the work of support at I appreciate your assistance.

    James Winship

  • 5 / 5
    My friends showed me this website for smooth, long-lasting delivery. That looks more natural than if you get all your new followers at once in minutes. I am happy with the seller and their work.


  • 5 / 5
    FriendlyLikes is the best seller I have seen for years. Firstly, they respond and fix quickly. Secondly, if something is wrong, they fairly refund your money. And the best thing about them is their free refill policy.


  • 5 / 5
    My first order was for 20 followers and there was a visible sign of progress in like ten minutes or less. Not instantly but it works for me. Now I prefer to buy in bulk from here, it is just a better deal.


  • 4 / 5
    The quality is fine through the time. Their staff also helped me manage my feed right so now there's a noticeable change in engagement and I'm happy with the results.

    J.V. Vasquez

  • 5 / 5
    Friendlylikes is a 100% safe place. I never faced a single issue about buying followers on Instagram from here, that's the point. One of the best sides is their support, always hearing and helpful.