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Why buy 100 Instagram likes?

If you have concerns about buying real Instagram likes in 2024, you must be a novice to the Internet and social media. Since the beginning of first big bloggers era growing ig likes is the goal and the prize for everyone striving to turn his online presence into money.

Getting many likes from other people is what makes a person popular on Instagram as well as on any other big social network such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter (X). Likes are the criterion and measure of how famous is the person behind the account name. In this world, it is no rocket science that everyone is trying to get as much likes as possible and the competition is high. But that's not the end.

The game changed when many realized they can use Instagram as a showcase for their business and themselves and the app answered with adding a set of marketing and advertising instruments. This is how Instagram turned from being a digital photo album for hipsters to a powerful social media and a point of sales for millions as we know it right now.

Today, everyone can use their Instagram to make money and engagement is the new currency. The wider is your brand known, the more your earn. Today you can see hundreds of yesterday's teenagers turned into stars overnight and now making millions. No wonder many dream of living the life of a modern blogger.

So there's nothing special about everyone is tending to buy Instagram likes - it went from an option to a must for all marketing needs a long time ago. A profile with a lot of likes on posts has a better chance to make Instagram algorithm rank its content higher and recommend it to other users.  You can buy 100 likes for Instagram from us right now!

Why do you need to get more likes on your Instagram account

Does your goal sound like to leap over your competitors or to build higher sales in the niche? Would you like to create a better presence for your personal brand or to promote a local business? If yes, you need more likes as well as more fans and more views for Reels on your Instagram.

Instagram is all about your social activity so you can get more likes in return from other users. Gain them with time by following the organic growth way or take shortcuts and pay for likes, it is up to you to decide on the methods. In all cases, getting more likes will take you to your goals faster.

Is it enough to get 100 Insta likes?

Yes, it would be enough to get a hundrend likes and stop. But what's then? Explore your niche, find the best players around and find out how big is their posts' average. If you'd like to succeed on Instagram, you must reach and step over that milestone.

Just don't turn your day into an infinite routine focused on mining likes at all costs. Breed the best mix of your hunt, native advertising instruments, and paid growth services - that is how you can score higher and easier. Despite that Instagram marketing experts blame buying likes for drops on reach, none of them can explain why the majority of celebs are known to buy likes in 2024. So if you don't do that, how will you compete with those who do? In order to succeed, you have to buy high quality likes according to a promotion strategy to boost your Instagram engagement or lose if you don't do. 

So is it good to have 100 likes? Yes, it is good for a beginner account but it's just a daily boost for many.

How to buy 100 likes on Instagram from FriendlyLikes?


Fill in the package form above

Would you like to buy 100 likes from real users on your Instagram posts? There is nothing easier to do. Scroll to the ordering form above, select targeting and paste your Instagram username. After that press the Buy button.


Pay for likes

Next step will let you choose one or more target posts for the boost and then drive you to payment processing. Use your credit card or select any other available options to check out.


Watch the number of likes on your posts growing higher

From here, you don't have to do anything but watch the selected posts get the desired engagement. You can get as many likes as you want - just pick the required package and go the same cycle. Cheers!

Who needs to purchase Instagram likes?

No matter if you own a local business, you're a lawyer or a realtor and sell homes, you create dance music, dance, or shoot fantastic reels, you're a striving sports star or a model - if you'd like to get the best from your Instagram, you will have to get as many likes as you can. In other words, if you need to promote Instagram page or better up your Insta presence, you should find an efficient way to get genuine Instagram likes from real Instagram users with a little efforts.

And this is where we can help - you can buy 100 high-quality likes from real users based in the USA, UK, Brazil, Europe and Arab countries in a few clicks. Don't waste your life on boring routine in the app - our genuine Instagram growth service will save you time and money.

Before you buy likes

It may turn our fascinating to dive deep into the world of social media and get likes from Instagram users in return. However, it needs a lot of time and patience to get to first tangible results. Let's run through the basic checklist of things you need to do before you buy likes for the first time - from us or any other provider.

  • Decide on the amount of likes you really need. In contrast to the organic growth methods, buying instant likes rewards with a result right here and right now and it may seem challenging to switch to natural promotion - it has a time lag before you get a feedback from your efforts. Stay sober and don't let instant results carry you away.
  • Find a reliable source of Instagram likes. If you came to us to buy real likes and followers, follow to the next point. But in case you didn't make up your mind about the provider yet, you must find your best place to buy 100 Insta likes among hundreds of providers of poor quality Instagram services.
  • Write a compelling promotion strategy and schedule a working plan. It is true that growing your Instagram without a proper plan is like killing time and throw your money in the wind. Make buying 100 likes an efficient part of your strategy to take the best of it.
  • Build up a better version of your profile. Explore your best competitors to find out what's trending and what's not. Use your new knowedge to create new attractive, inspiting, educative or useful posts so you can get way more likes than usually.
  • Buy 100 likes for your latest photos and reels on Instagram. Build up a trampoline for your future leap. New visitors and followers are more likely to react to posts with a higher number of likes.
  • Stay away from low quality services. Remember to purchase likes packages from real Instagram users only because poor quality likes look fake and do not help you grow in any way.

Purchase 100 Likes FAQ

Are the like you deliver legit?

We don't break any policy of Instagram by letting other people send likes to the post you set as a target. All of the likes your buy from us come from real user accounts, live people like you and me follow the link we send them to put their likes. Buying likes from us means getting it 100% legit and risk-free.

Can I buy 100 likes for multiple pictures?

You can split most of the Instagram likes packages on multiple posts. The only exception is the smallest amounts of likes one can apply to one post only. As for the this offer, you can buy 100 likes and share on 4 photos, videos, and reels of one Instagram profile.

How to buy 100 likes cheapest?

There is no thing in the world able to be cheapest and bring value at the same time. Our best advise is to stay away from offers like that and not buy the cheapest Insta likes. However if you are looking for a discount on our offers, you can subscribe to our newsletter to get promo codes and notification about sales and special events.

How quickly can I get 100 likes?

From us, you can buy 100 likes with Instant delivery or get the package slowly like if you gained likes organically. The default delivery method is the fastest.

What is the quality of likes you provide?

We offer deals on Premium Instagram likes from the USA real user accounts and high-quality Insta likes from around the world. If you'd like to get real likes from real people with fast delivery, you came to the right place.

Why FriendlyLikes is the best place to buy 100 Instagram likes?

We've been providing real likes, followers, views, and comments since the very early days of Instagram. With our experience and expertise we are able to provide services with excellent quality and relatively cheap prices. FriendlyLikes has been an honest provider for years with a 99.999% delivery rate. Choose us as and reliable provider and a stable ground you can step on when you need it. This is why many find us the best place to buy 100 Instagram likes. Let's grow your Instagram into something greater!

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