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    500 Instagram likes
  • If you would come to search Google for a place to buy 500 Instagram likes from, it is very likely that you will find Friendlylikes. We not only offer you to choose performers for such an important mission, but we have developed our own product, providing a mechanism that, without problems, quickly delivers it on the photo. Now you do not have to waste time doing tasks to signs of appreciation on Instagram publications. It is enough to contact us, and your progress will begin to work by leaps and bounds.

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    Why FriendlyLikes is great for buying 500 Insta likes

    We offer only real premium likes for a relatively cheap price. What is the difference between this type and for example conventional ones? High quality user pages selected for the delivery are real people's profiles (picked manually). These accounts are allocated according to the following criteria:

    • The profile was registered for 100 days and less.
    • The account has not been banned for spam and suspicious activity since the moment of registration.
    • Starting from 500 followers and followed on the profile or more.

    After the last update to the Instagram, it became more difficult to deliver the likes. The boost cost is going higher every year. No matter how much we wanted, but we had to raise prices a little (most likely temporarily). The prices displayed on the site are up-to-date.

    Your trust is important to us, so we always check the orders to make sure that you got exactly what you wanted.

Customer Reviews

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      • 5/5
      • This website is above all expectations! I can't believe how quickly the likes come from here. Never before I could say it's not a big deal to get 500 likes, because it took me months to reach this point before now, but here I have them adding almost instantly.
      • Arthur
      • 4/5
      • I came to google and try a few dozens of companies providing likes from real profiles but the likes they supply never meet their description. The worst of all was when I paid, had the time passed and got nothing in return! Nothing at all! That's why I was initially skeptical when I got here to buy 500 likes for Instagram for the first time. This site is a big difference to that sellouts out there. The hearts I receive from friendlylikes always appear to come from real users, nothing like worthless noname bots I had with other companies. Moreover, they also have the most responsive and helpful support team ever.
      • Chloe
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      • When I got to promoting the Insta page of my cafe I firstly started to order 500 likes on every new post, and I have to tell you, it works! My page was growing day to day. And it's anbsolutely not expensive for a result like that, it's 100% worth the money I paid! They told me to stay away from buying likes on the Internet because it will take your money and then ruin your business and life but your website is something different! Likes come in time, thanks to your service, my Instagram is blooming now!
      • Levi