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The number of comments from other users is the essential metric of engagement and popularity. Buy instant comments now to grow your social proof on Instagram. Choose from random or custom type below to get it on a photo, video, or reels.
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Why we are the best place to buy Instagram comments

Order random and custom IG comments plus automatic replies

We know how hard people strive to improve and grow their Instagram on one hand and how they try to evade wasting too much time on another. All the automated services are designed in a way so users can save a lot of time and skip the daily routine easily by buying auto comments or other boosts. FriendlyLikes are here to help - you can buy custom insta comments and automatic packages along with the defaul public offers. Request a custom service from the support line, purchase it, and enjoy the results.

Order cheap comments with 100% instant delivery and processing

Sellers often advertise their services as lightning-fast but in fact, everything done right takes time. We can call our smallest packages instant because in most cases, it doesn't take us more than minutes to provide. A service may take a while during the peak hours when the working queue is longer. Prompt high-quality jobs complemented with cheapest prices let many call our Instagram comments booster the best buy online.

Pay for comments safely

Previously, it was possible to pay for comments with PayPal. Sadly, there is no way to buy Instagram comments with PayPal or Stripe anymore. These payment processors no longer accept social media marketing services as an eligible business. Please use your credit card to pay instead - we signed to one of the most popular payment processors so all the payments are private, absolutely scam-safe, and highly secured.

Real comments from the active users of Instagram

Here at FriendlyLikes, we believe honesty is the foremost quality of any company which aims for a long succesfull business. Make no mistake about the comments paid services add on your Instagram - most of them come from a base of generated accounts. There is no way to make real people engage on your post but to make valueable, helpful, or entertaining content. The best thing you can do about it is to master your skills and to tell a perfect story. But if you'd like your posts to look a little more attractive to the crowd, we can boost them by adding a bunch of extra comments.

Privacy and safety

We value your privacy and confidence, this is why this website, our app, online services, and blog do not require a password or any other personal data from the buyer. Unlike many other companies, this website does not use cookies. We do not collect, store or provide logs of your orders to third-party in any way. The payment process is secured by SSL protocol - we keep everything simple, efficient, and safe like in a Swiss bank.

24/7 expert support

An expert team of social media enthusiasts is what stands behind the name of FriendlyLikes. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in social media marketing, advertising, web development, and SEO. All these daily duties keep our company aware of the most recent changes in the digital world and on Instagram in particular. By choosing us you also chose intelligent and quick solutions when turning to support for troubleshooting.


How to buy comments cheap and easy

  • Select a service and a package

    Firstly, choose Random or Custom comments. After that select the package to deliver. Whether you need 10 or 100 comments - we got them all ready to appear on your post. Clear it out and proceed to the second step.

  • Enter the details and check out

    Fill in your Instagram profile name and tap the Buy button. That will take you to select one or a few target posts. Tap on the posts you'd like to apply the selected iprovement to. After that, proceed to check out

  • Enjoy your new comments

    Focus on your duties and give us a little time to process and bring new comments onto your page. Nothing to worry about - at this point your order is halfway to being complete!

Buy instant Instagram comments cheapest with guaranteed delivery!

We know many Instagrammers opt for the cheapest prices and the quickest service which can hardly payoff if both conditions are met at the lowest. In contrast to most companies we have never fell into the lowest rates which allows us to conduct stable, safe and risk-free services with good quality and guaranteed delivery. Below are our least costly boosts ready for your order 24/7.
  • 3

    Choose our cheapest option to recevive only 3 comments on your Instagram. This tiny booster has the lowest price so if you'd like to get a test ride, this one is exactly what you need.

  • 5

    Five random comments from unique Instagrammers around the world is what you get by ordering this package. If you're used to buying comments for Instagram, well, for you, it's not going to be something special. If not, please leave a review below after the order is complete.

  • 10

    Many of our clients order ten comments for the same post on Instagram a few times in a day to get paid and organic comments mixed into one smooth line.

  • 25

    The last pack in this list made our least costly offers end with 25 random Instagram comments. Choose us if you're looking for a provider with not only cheap prices but also fast and secure services.

Instagram Comments FAQ

This section contains the most frequently asked questions and answers about Instagram comments.
  • How fast will I get Instagram comments after the purchase?

    You will get a transaction receipt email right after the order is paid. From now this order is registered and you are only one step to receiving the purchased pack of comments. The average delivery time is about 0-15 minutes. But please keep in mind that our job depends on software, code, servers, and the internet. Sometimes a part of it fails and slows down the process significantly. Please don't hesitate to contact our support line in case of fault - we shall do our best to fix or speed up your order.

  • Can I buy real Instagram comments?

    You can't buy organic comments from the primary pages of real users at the market's average prices no matter what sellers promise. A growth service or the best top seller in the world - both types sell engagement from a bot farm or real people with a secondary account created for small jobs. The biggest difference is how safe is the delivery method. Here, the bad thing is you never know what you get. So, the only way is to spend money on trying and testing... or you can skip this step and simply order high quality comments from us safe and sound!

  • Is it legal to buy Instagram comments?

    It is legit. There is nothing that violates federal or local laws in such operations. You can ask your friends to comment on your photos or you can turn to the assistance of a small society for it in the same way. If you're up to buy comments from a selling company, as a result, some user accounts will interact with your profile, photos, videos, or other publications. There is nothing fraudulent.

  • How to benefit from getting many comments?

    Basically, you can easily say whether an Instagrammer is popular or not simply checking his number of Instagram likes, followers and comments. The more subs, the more engaged they are, the better. Having many comments means many consider your account worth spending their time to read and interact with your content. Instagrammers buy comments to grow trust, build a better image, and increase their brand or name's visibility.

  • Can I share comments on more than one post?

    Our system does not allow splitting a package of custom comments on several photos. And yes, sharing on multiple posts works fine for the regular, random comments.

  • What if my comments drop?

    Our comments come from the real users around the world so in contrast to many other sellers, there is a very little chance that these comments drop. For most of the loss cases we offer a free refill program. Please refer to Terms Of Service To learn more about it.

  • How to buy custom and random Instagram comments?

    The only difference between buying custom and random IG comments is you must specify the type with our manager, wait for the confirmation and get a link to a particularly different ordering form if you’d like to purchase custom comments on Instagram. Custom comments allow you to control the messages you receive as the result so you should provide the content by yourself while random comments which is our default option let you receive random positive lines of general context including emoji mostly from English-speakers.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 / 5
    Thank you for being fair and also for a quick solution to my blog's needs. A service that works for building up any kind of brand on social media!

    Jody Astro

  • 5 / 5
    Never expected comments coming on Instagram this quick. Great job guys, I'm fine with it.


  • 5 / 5
    FriendlyLikes' got everything you need on Instagram plus they can build up a custom offer for your needs. The only thing I regret is that I didn't know about this website before.

    Amanda Harris

  • 5 / 5
    One thing here, their best hand is they answer, solve issues, and return money if something goes wrong. It's very unlikely for many other websites I used before.