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  • 20

    The very starting booster, this package offers 20 views from the world's random eyes at the cheapers price. Suited best for the very beginner Instagrammers, it guarantees to deliver a slight uptick in views for a little more than 50 cents. Isn't it a bargain?

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    There's not much difference between the first two neighbouring offers, however many perfer buying 25 Insta views over getting a lesser boost, yet the price is pretty much the same.

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    One of the starter best-selling engagment improvements for Instagram, this booster drives fifty unique users to watch your fresh videos or Reels in no time. Would you like to apply a juicy booster instantly? A small and juicy pack of fifty Instagram views is always here waiting for your order to trig it up!

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    If you're looking for a way to get new eyes for your short on IG and grow a hundred views over time, don't hesitate to order this lift. As bulk as twice the least volume, it also offers a small save in price.

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    If you are up to purchasing two hundred views for Instagram videos, it's like you're doing everything right but need a little push to step over the level you're on. This relatively cheap boost helps grow engagement in only minutes, so why not order it now?

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    Another great-selling affordable box of Instagram views from FriendlyLikes is ready to be applied 24/7. As one of the least expensive but capable traffic boosts, 300 views can bring a game-changing result and turn out the best choice for everyone from an aspiring media person or a brand to local businesses.

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    Every time you buy 500 views on Instagram from us, you get a top-notch increase in impressions with timely delivery or added in the slower, natural drip-feed way. Direct more eyes to your uploads easily for as cheap as only $3.90 USD.

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Instagram Views FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers on buying views on Instagram.
  • How fast can I get views?

    It may turn out way too hard to compete for views with popular accounts on Instagram if you've just started. But as for popular bloggers, it is an average story to attract 50-100k views in a day. Buying real Instagram views helps to fill that gap - clients can choose from instant or drip-feed delivery with most sellers out there and get views immediately right after the purchase.

  • Should I buy Instagram views with PayPal or use my Credit Card?

    PayPal is one of the most convenient payment options to shop online preferred by millions daily. However, it's been a few years since the moment of PayPal's terms of use changed and you can no longer use PayPal to buy views on Instagram. In 2024, the most prevalent payment method is buying views with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

  • Can I buy views for a private account on Instagram?

    When you buy views from providers, the users connected to their network follow to your video to see it. They won't be able to do that if the target account is kept private. That is why you should make your content available to all so any users not from your friend list can access it.

  • Do your views drop or stay permanent?

    Buying from us means the purchased IG views stay permanent and never drop. However, we know cases of losing the number of views on reels and stories for the reason of buying low-quality bot engagement from the cheapest sources. Don't opt for the least expensive offers because they never bring any good.

  • Can I Buy Instagram Reels views from you?

    Of course! You can buy Instagram views for Reels and old videos from this page - our users base lets us direct viewers instantly for both types of posts. The prices are always the market's cheap and you can pay for Instagram reels views with PayPal.

  • Do I put my account to risk if I buy 1000 Instagram views?

    Driving eye traffic for money is no menace to your Instagram as long as you deal with a trusted provider who brings original viewers to watch your clips. The work of engagement aggregators does not conflict with the platform's rules. Every day we promote thousands of videos since the demand appeared, and no user ever reported a case of ban or penalty. There is no risk to your account or content if you grow insta views with us.

  • Can I buy real Instagram views from authentic users?

    You might find it challenging to find a quality source of authentic IG engagement. Be sure that you gain Instgram views from the accounts created by real people if you order from us. Our service is designed to direct eyes to your posts from a huge network that consists of hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

  • How to get more views on Instagram stories?

    The fastest and the most effective method you can take advantage of to make views on your Instagram stories grow is to turn to a reputed company for help on a quick advance in visibility. That can save you time and effort if you opt for the result here and now. However, it would be wise to research the organic approach to growth on IG for many who find the paid methods inappropriate in terms of the chosen promotion strategy.

  • What are pros and cons of automatic Instagram views?

    The main feature and benefit of automatic IG views services is you quit being involved in the process at all. The service lets you only pay once for a bulk amount of plays for your videos and forget about it - the desired number will be added automatically on every fresh clip. Do you value your time above all? Then you will enjoy this! And for the cons, there is only one - your new publication may not get likes if you miss the moment when your subscription ends.

Customer Reviews

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    Top seller to buy insta views for reels and old videos. Wish I could find this website a bit earlier.


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    My thanks and respect to Paul and all the other guys behind FriendlyLikes, and it's not about views only. They helped me understand how to work out my Instagram to a better result.


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    The quality is fine through the time. Their staff also helped me manage my feed right so now there's a noticable change on engagement and I'm happy with the results.

    Joseph V. Vasquez

  • 5 / 5
    Made 5 orders for likes and views from this company today, one of them got a litle hitch on delivery. They quickly sorted out everything after I dropped a message on their support. They promised to add more as an apology and so did as promised. Never seen anything like this before with other dealers - my five stars here earned fair and square.