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    From the point of view of the evolution of the account, it is quite difficult to independently increase the number of followers up to 5000. You can try to act on your own - invest money in advertising, promote your account in the communities of other social networks, publish information about it on popular Internet portals. This method requires large financial investments and time costs. Therefore, a large audience of people raises the question - "how to buy 5000 Instagram followers?"

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    Since the demand for this service has been growing at a high rate in recent years, there has been a lot of services offering it at a cheap price. Most often, robots are used for this purpose - program-driven. At first glance, this seems to be effective, but only to a person unfamiliar with Instagram politics. Using bots now leads to a quick lockout. It is not worth pursuing the savings - you will pay less, but do not get any effect, like followers are bathing for a week.

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