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Hello, reader! Probably, you got to this page wondering if you really need to buy 500 followers for Instagram or not? Or the opposite, you made up your mind about the boost you require and now looking for a supplier. In any case, you may find helpful running down through this article before you buy. 

Why many opt to buy Instagram followers

The world of today's Instagram is more of a neverending race, a pedal to the metal. The reason is the app made a huge leap in growth from being just a photo app to the biggest social media with overwhelming 1.35 billion users from all corners of the world and turned into a perfect marketing instrument for all needs. Right now on Instagram, you can see easily discover profiles of cafes, barbershops, retail brands, clothes, designers, music producers, meme factories, international companies, celebrities of sports, fashionistas, bloggers and creators - and all of them put their daily effort to catching your attention on their content. The key reason is the higher is the number of Instagram followers, the easier is reach to the audience and the better is engagement on publications.

Just because anyone now can earn from Instagram presence and the income correlates with the number of  followers, it is a dream of many to set up a cashflow from online and live a life of Instagram blogger. So it's not surprising that building organic followers and likes on Instagram has become the cause and effect of everything you see on social media.

It is true that many opt to buy Instagram followers and here is why. The competition for a place in the sun on social media is rough and goes uninterrupted 24/7 so the stakes are high. Newcomers usually get exhausted quickly after all their friends and relatives joined their profile. So what's next? How can you compete with grown and developed accounts that spend budgets on shooting exciting reels? The dream of Instagram success of running an Insta account with many followers quickly turns out an unreachable horizon. This is where buying followers step in.

Benefits of buying 500 followers for Instagram

We know a dozen of more or less crucial motives to why many opt to pay for 500 followers. Here, let's run through the key reasons to grow your Instagram through using a follower service.

Through the time, Instagram has grown into a social network that lives by its rules. It wouldn't take you much time to spot that the popular accounts with thousands of genuine followers take the highest engagement and most of user interaction. If you decide to compete with your niche's leaders in a straightforward way, it's highly likely that you will fail, alas. So the best practice for a beginner would be to take all possible shortcuts you can and get more followers as outome. That doesn't negate social networking and creating the best of content but rather adds a set of instruments a striving beginner Instagrammer can use to boost his account.

It is true that a higher follower count can make your page stand out from endless others because nobody would spare a moment of their lives searching for something others didn't find useful, funny or inspiring. So if you'd like to get noticed, you should grow your Instagram to your sector's visible average. Anyone can make real people follow on Instagram by adding them though organic efforts or find a trusted company like FriendlyLikes and pay for high-quality Instagram followers instead. 

Speaking of the organic methods as an integral part of any growth strategy, we should note that it always rewards you with authentic followers and genuine Instagram engagement but can never make you popular overnight. At the same time, if you pay a seller to add 500 followers package on Instagram profile, you will have it instantly, in minutes after transaction. Just make sure the boost is going to bring you not fake bot accounts with no posts and weird bios but only high-quality followers. This is how buying followers on Instagram saves you money and time. 

At this point, we would like to note that getting the best from both Instagram marketing methods would always be more fruiting and fun than taking advantage of only one hand.

How to buy 500 Instagram followers with instant delivery


Use the order form above

Scroll to the top of the page, then paste your Instagram username into the ordering form and complete filling it with the required data.


Pay for the followers package

Check the details of your order and continue to checkout. Use one of the payment options to transfer the required sum.


Watch your fans grow

That's it, you don't have to do anything else - we take all the dirty work. Focus on the important things and watch us adding 500 followers to the specified Instagram profile.

In essence, today, you may find it challenging if you decide to find a reliable place to buy 500 real Instagram followers, whatever it takes. Most likely, it will take you a lot of time and money to try and test different sources of engagement and make you feel frustrated about the result of your pursuit. But if you don't stop believing in your strengths and particularly if luck smiles at you, this quest will yield a valuable reward. And you can always choose to save time, money, and nerves by turning to our service to gain Instagram followers.

Who needs to purchase high-quality Instagram followers?

In the dynamic landscape of social media marketing, Instagram continues to reign as one of the most powerful platforms for individuals and businesses alike. As we step into 2024, the need to cultivate a strong presence on Instagram is more crucial than ever. But who exactly should prioritize growing their Instagram followers this year? Let's discover the account types.

Whether you're a small local shop or a multinational corporation, having a robust Instagram following is essential for staying competitive in today's market. With the ever-growing influence of social media on consumer behavior, businesses need to focus on Instagram growth to showcase their products, engage with customers, and drive sales

In an era where influencer marketing has become a lucrative career path, aspiring influencers and content creators must focus on growing their Instagram followers. A large and engaged following not only boosts their credibility but also attracts brand collaborations and sponsorship opportunities.

For entrepreneurs and startups, Instagram serves as a powerful platform to build brand awareness, attract investors, and connect with potential customers. By strategically growing their Instagram followers, entrepreneurs can create a loyal community around their brand and drive interest in their products or services.

Individuals seeking to establish themselves as thought leaders or experts in their respective fields can benefit greatly from growing their Instagram followers. Whether you're a freelancer, consultant, or industry professional, a strong presence on Instagram can enhance your credibility, expand your network, and open doors to new heights.

In conclusion to this part, anyone looking to make a mark in their industry, connect with their audience, or drive meaningful engagement should prioritize scaling up their audience and buy real Instagram followers.

500 IG followers FAQ

Would it be enough to buy 500 followers on Instagram?

It would be ok to get five hundred fans at one time for the most of cases because the Instagram statistics say, the vast majority of users have only one or two thousand followers. So if you'd like to increase your visibility and grow the organic traffic, buying 500 followers cheap may help your page to scale up audience quicker. Although, an ambitious long-term goal would generally require you to work on your white-hat organic traffic and use growth services only in terms of a one-time powerup factor.So, aiming for turning your presence on social media into a source of income will inevitably take you to try and apply all possible improvements to your IG and do whatever it takes to grow your eyes traffic and followers in consequence. Don’t miss the opportunities buying followers offer but rather find out how to take the best of it.

How fast you can deliver 500 followers?

From us, you can buy large number of followers quickly and boost your Instagram presence in a few taps. The speed of delivery completely depends on the settings and the selected targeting. The default settings are world followers and instant delivery - you will get our light and medium boost in minutes after the purchase. If you'd like to buy targeted followers, for example USA fans, the default speed of delivery may differ from lightning-fast to going slower depending on the current time in the United States. The drip-feed delivery is also available by special request before purchase.

How to buy 500 real and active Instagram followers?

At FriendlyLikes you can buy 500 real Instagram followers but we can't guarantee they are going to be active and engage on your content. We offer subs from the USA Instagram users - they are active on their Instagram pages and probably will put likes on photos and videos but only in case your content meets their interests.

Why buying real followers matter?

Today, the principle of quality over quantity is at its highest effect. The Instagram algorithm is not going to reward your account if you have a million of poor quality bots following you. And in contrary, a healthy profile with authentic Instagram followers will always be of better worth to marketers and companies. If you'd like to sign you first advertising contract with a brand or find a company or a big blogger to collaborate, make sure you're going to buy real quality followers.

Is it safe to buy 500 Insta followers?

Generally, yes, if you get to buy a 500 Instagram followers package, it will be safe for your account in terms of you won't get banned for that in most of cases. As for our services, you don't put your Instagarm at risk at all if you buy ig followers from us because our subs come from real accounts. Moreover, the method we utilize to add new followers is healthy and green and do not confront with Instagram's algorithms.

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