How to gain active Instagram followers and get real followers with Friendlylikes!

Have you ever wondered why a mobile photo and video sharing app gathered over 170 million users in just three and a half years? For 2017 Instagram grew by 26%! Sounds good, huh?
The first faces of states and famous people share their personal photos with their fans. The most famous brands even castings manage to arrange on their many thousands of pages! Maybe it's all about the abundance of photo contents, the rich choice of filters or increased publicity, or the case in a friendly, almost family atmosphere between users. We can say one thing - people can safely enter this social network.
Creating an account, in the first place before you is the task of gain active Instagram followers. Fortunately, with our help, this is not so difficult.
So, before you are the 6 best ways how to gain active Instagram followers.
1. Add a twist to your page
If you look at the pages of popular accounts on Instagram, it strikes you that each of them is unique in its own way. There is where to turn, unlike other social networks. A more informal atmosphere, a friendly and friendly audience is an excellent opportunity to pose and even fool around. Well, or at least just go out to talk with the followers. In general, show imagination and think up for your page an interesting concept.
2. Share photos of people who already use your products.
If you promote a popular product, Instagram is a great way to very quickly gain active Instagram followers, who already love you. Start searches on hashtags, find the most beautiful photos of clients and take them to your account, without forgetting, of course, to mention the author through @.
3. Use hashtags hashtag
This topic is controversial, in my opinion. Moreover, personally, Friendlylikes are not fans of hashtags. However, we must admit, Instagram is so far the only social platform where they really work and help. The main thing is not to overdo it. Very ugly publications look, literally littered with hashtag rubbish. The best option is to put hashtags with the name of the brand and a few top ones on the post topic, but not more than 6. If you start adding hashtags like #follow, #love and #instagood, this will not give a good effect, you will only bring in your page an untargeted audience From other countries and spammers.
4. Reply to all comments comments
Communicate with more followers not only when there are claims or direct questions. Discuss with them, ask questions - people enjoy personal attention. It forms a community on the page, and new active Instagram followers come more willingly - they see a friendly atmosphere and are happy to connect!
5. Solve problems on the customer page
In addition to the friendly atmosphere on the page, it is necessary to form a high service. This means that the problems of followers need not just respond quickly and respond with a standard response, but really come to the rescue, advice and write about the process of solving complex situations. In our experience, there is an example when the followers of our client's account are so used to quick response and problem solving that they began to write reviews on the page more often than through the feedback form on the site. It got to the point that other users, faced with a problem with the brand, friends strongly recommended that they come to the page in social networks and ask for help there.
6. Gain active Instagram followers through the purchase.
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